To all the women who all ways getting played by men

Let me just start off by saying love is real and it feels good and yes I am a man who thinks this is a women’s world. But what upset me all the time is that a women alot of time fall for the wrong type of guy and they think they can’t do no better. Now this is for the ladies (sorry guys) I am go inform y’all later. Now ladies y’all be tripping
like crazy I mean it’s like some time y’all do not use the red flag
method when it comes to guys. Let me just say wake up women it’s 2018 and if a man can not help you mentally spiritually or physically why are you with him. And the reason why is either he has money or he is a eye candy to you. And if he is a eye 🍬 to you how many other women he is a eye candy too. Oh I forgot the other reason why y’all women all ways getting played is because he say the right things to you. Baby you have to be the weakest women on earth let alone easy because a brother said u look good. Info check baby you need a shrink for depression because you are suppose to wake up every day knowing you the shit. A man love a woman who stands for something and who love her self . For more info on how to know when a man is full of game hit the link for some good information.

Its Your Time Not The Boss

Have you ever ask yourself these questions in the back of your head why you were at work. How would I be able to pay my rent if my job let me go? Or would this job take care of me when I am old and gray and unable to work because of my age. Well what I am about to tell you might piss you off but you can’t say nobody told you. The job you work for everyday for all these years really do not give a rat ass about you if anything good are bad happens to you. The job you work for slaveing behind for all these years only care about what you can do for them. Ok now that you got that harsh reality why you at your desk pondering with worry. What if I told you that you have no reason to worry about anything because you are your most valuable investment. Just think about it instead of relaxing on your off days your talent are your craft could be your stress free gold mine.

And really all it is gonna take is you and your time. So for key note why you at work, hussle they ass like they doing you.

Thanks you guys